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Main Information Portal for Albanians

The company ikubmagazine.al sh.pk started its work in 2006, with one of the most successful initiatives in the market, the information portal ikubmagazine.al. With a solid group of professionals, this company managed to build and bring to individuals and businesses a space where they themselves can publish the information they want or find the information they need. We believe that "Our Information is Your Power ...", as we are convinced that "Your Information is Our Power to inform you even better."

Mission of the company ikubmagazine.al

The company ikubmagazine.al performs:

  • All activities for the development of online information media services

  • Activities for the development of information media services in alternative media as well

  • Management of projects in the field of information and communication technology and related services

  • Consulting and specialized training activities in the field of ICT

These are done through:

  • systematically monitoring the latest trends in information media, using the most advanced developments in technology
  • hiring a professional staff
  • a transparent communication with staff, contractors, clients, partners (professionalism, ethics, courtesy)
  • clean competition rules
  • ensuring an appropriate diversification of activity

Basic principles of the company ikubmagazine.al

We believe that Good Staff is essential to the success of our Company

We make no compromises with Professionalism and Ethics

We create a Pleasant Environment for all staff, partners and customers

We strive for the best product and the best service

Stay Informed! It's Better.

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